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Yorkshire Dales Gorge Walking - after the slide in Hell Gill


Yorkshire Dales Gorge Walking

This morning we've been in Stickle Ghyll, Langdale with a lovely couple visiting from Norfolk. We did loads of fun stuff like climbing waterfalls and jumping into crystal clear pools. It is a privilege and pleasure to introduce so many people to fun activities in the Lake District. Well, this afternoon we ventured across the border into the Yorkshire Dales for a reconnaissance mission to the dramatic Hell Gill, Mallerstang.

I was joined by fellow outdoor instructor Iain of Lakes Outdoor Experience. Iain and I will be running a Gorge Scrambling activity in Hell Gill later this month and we wanted to be fully prepared to give our customers the best possible experience. Familiarisation with the venue is a big part of this, hence our visit.

So what did we find? Starting from a beautiful, open moorland with cotton grass swaying in the breeze and a big blue sky, we set off with smiles all round. An easy approach walk via a farm track led us to the top of the gorge, this took us about 20 minutes. We met the farmer/landowner at this point, he was very approachable and we agreed to pay a small fee for when we use this venue with customers.

The water level seemed pretty lively and the rock was all very slippery. So we slipped and slithered our way into the top of the gorge. The scenery quickly and dramatically changed from open moorland to the confines of a Slot Canyon. Wonderful.

The water is quite different from what we are used to in the Lakes, there is a high level of turbidity and the colour is a deep brown as a result.

We came to a longer drop with a powerful cascade flowing over it. Having no idea how deep the water would be at the bottom, we couldn't risk jumping down, so managed to set up a hand-line with our rope and this provided us with a safe way down. We both expected this to be the technical section but it was not. Soon we came across a fixed rope above what looked like deep water. Again, we couldn't be sure, so Iain carefully lowered himself into the pool with the aid of the fixed rope. It was deep, so I slide into it instead, much fun.

Then followed a tricky scramble into a beautiful chamber. We thought the end would now be close, but thankfully it wasn't. There was loads of fun little scrambles still to come and all was through the most impressive scenery I've seen in a gorge here in the UK. It reminds me of the canyons in Spain.

An easy walk back to the roadside and a job well done. We were both in agreement, this is a venue we will be offering to our customers going forward. For anyone staying in the Kendal area or Eden Valley, this place is easy to reach and fantastic. Good for youngsters and adults too.

If you're interested to book a trip here with us please do get in touch.

Thanks to Sam of Alfresco Adventures for some initial insight into this venue, much appreciated.



Yorkshire Dales Gorge Walking



Yorkshire Dales Gorge Walking - going for a dip


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Yorkshire Dales Gorge Walking - Impressive scenery in Hell Gill



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