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Rock Scrambling

Rock Scrambling

Rock Scrambling

Rock Scrambling

This is an all absorbing activity that is tons of fun

What is it?
Rock scrambling sits between hill-walking and rock climbing. It offers the chance to move through steep, rocky terrain without the need for lots of specialist equipment. This means we move more freely and cover more ground. The situations are often steep and the views superb. It’s a great adventure for all with plenty of challenge whatever your current ability level.

How much fun is it?
For a hill-walker moving onto rock for the first time, this is an all absorbing activity that is tons of fun. It may be that you simply want to have a fun day and visit a summit via a rocky route. Or maybe you want to learn some new skills related to scrambling. We can accommodate both.

At the end of a scrambling day with us you will feel enthused and inspired, but also pleasantly tired after a fantastic day in the mountains.

Where and when:
​Below are listed a few places we go to scramble. Basically anywhere in the Lake District is good for this activity, so wherever you’re staying it is likely we can go Rock scrambling nearby. Many of the routes are particularly easy to reach from the towns of Ambleside & Windermere.
From March to mid-November are all good times for Rock scrambling. It can also be enjoyed on damp days.

Is it suitable for me?
Yes. Ideally you will have a head for heights, although we have taken many people without this and they’ve still loved it. We can tailor the day to suit all levels and have taken children as young as 6 and adults in their late 70’s. Rock scrambling can make for a really good family day out, it’s a great way of tiring the kids out too.

Mountain Journey

What we can offer

  • All technical and safety equipment
  • Highly experienced guides and instructors with in-depth knowledge of all the routes
  • A bespoke itinerary​

Half or full day scrambles can be arranged and will involve one or more scrambling ascents of Lake District mountains.

Many of the routes are in the Langdale & Coniston valleys, near to Ambleside & Windermere. These are easy to reach. We focus on getting plenty of time on rock whilst moving through the mountains in a variety of settings. We do offer scrambling days throughout the Lake District and a few venues are highlighted below.


Price for half days:
£100 (£50pp) –   up to 2 participants
£140 – up to 4 participants
£180 – up to 6 participants
£225 – up to 8 participants

Price for full days:
£150 – up to 2 participants
£175 – up to 4 participants
£210 – up to 6 participants
£250 – up to 8 participants

For larger groups please get in touch for a quote

rock scrambling

Our Routes

The routes will be in some of the following areas:

  • Raven Crag – Yewdale: The perfect introduction with incredibly grippy rock throughout, lots of variation possible and virtually roadside. Topping out to stunning views over Coniston Water too.
  • Tarn Crag – Langdale: This crag has multiple scrambles from grade 1 – 3 and a few easier grade rock climbs. The position is impressive and the rock is typically high quality Borrowdale volcanic. Scrambles here can be enjoyed as stand-alone activities or combined with other routes in the area.
  • Pavey Ark – Langdale: Jacks Rake is the ‘classic’ scramble to the summit of this mountain and an absolute gem. Positive holds the whole way, amazing scenery, and views that really are very hard to surpass. The route is more straightforward than it first appears, but does demand care as the exposure mounts.
  • Harrison Stickle – Langdale: A good one on busy days when many will be ascending Jacks Rake, this little known place will likely be quiet. The rock is superb and the route has an adventurous feel to it. The scramble goes all the way to the summit of the mountain, how good is that.
  • Ill Crag – Eskdale: This is most easily reached from Langdale via Esk Hause and is a big day out high above The Great Moss of Eskdale. The scrambling is good on Borrowdale volcanic rock, so nice and rough with good grip. We finish by topping out onto the summit of Ill Crag, awesome. This is one of the longest routes in the Lake District.
  • Raven Crag – Langdale: There’s a few possibilities here, with a good grade 2 at the right hand end of the main crag followed by lots of grade 1 above in order to reach the higher Langdale scrambles. Or there’s Middlefell Buttress to the left of the main crag, this is an easy rock climb (diff) that is justifiably popular. From the top we can either abseil back down, or continue with easier scrambling up to Thorn crag and Loft crag.
  • Pinnacle Ridge – Patterdale: The photogenic ‘Alpinesque’ ridge is a rewarding day out in the mountains above Ullswater. At grade 3 this is the top end of the scrambling spectrum and there are many exciting positions to be enjoyed on this one. The Helvellyn range provides perfect scenery for when you want to have a look around.
  • Scafell – Wasdale: Broad Stand which rumour has it that Coleridge descended from the summit of Scafell to gain Mickledore and thus stumbled upon the route. Looking up from Mickledore, the line of ascend / descent wouldn’t have been obvious back then, but now it’s a little easier to distinguish although still not completely obvious. The route is challenging way beyond it’s grade 3 status suggests. As a way to the summit of Scafell it’s well worth seeking out and above the initial difficulties things get much easier but still in most impressive scenery. We tackle the first section of the route as a rock climb, higher up we revert back to scrambling practices.
  • Pike ‘O Blisco – Langdale: The finest rock in the Lake District can be found here, it’s super grippy and solid, providing enjoyable scrambling for beginners or seasoned scramblers alike. It’s a big favourite of ours because there’s amazing views, easy access, and so much fantastic rock.
  • Harter Fell – Duddon valley: Hiding in this quiet backwater, Harter Fell provides some fine scrambling opportunities and we can show you many of these. If you’re looking to enjoy scrambling in seclusion, this is the place to aim for, and with great rock outcrops all the way to the summit, there’s plenty of interest the whole way.
  • Long Crag – Coniston: This fine ridge lies just above the village of Coniston. Lots of quality rock allows height to be gained easily, giving increasingly good views to Coniston Water.

You may already have an idea as to what you would like to do and where. A specific route in mind maybe.
Or are you walking all the Nuttalls or Birketts and wish to scale Pillar Rock?
This is at the very top limit of what we would call scrambling and is included in the current rock climbing guides to the area. A rope is essential for an ascent & descent of Pillar Rock. Whilst the scrambling / climbing is never too difficult, the steepness and exposure are severe! A day out to remember.

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