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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in the UK all started here in the Lake District, so what better place to give it a try

There are a wealth of places to choose from and our specialist, in-depth knowledge will help ensure we find the best venues, with amazing rock and views to match.

The days are tailored to your requirements, so whether you’ve never climbed before and want a taste of what Rock Climbing is about, or want to learn how to place ‘trad’ protection, or improve your movement skills, we can help.

A few of our regular Lakeland rock climbing venues include:

  • Scout Crags – Langdale: A perfect collection of easy access crags with a wide selection of climbs to suit most tastes and abilities. Single & multi-pitch climbing is available.
  • Raven crag – Langdale & Borrowdale: The Lakes is home to many Raven crags! Raven crag Langdale is a sunny Single & multi-pitch crag near the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. Whilst the Borrowdale counterpart faces North and is home to long multi-pitch routes including the classic ‘Corvus’.
  • Middlefell buttress – Langdale: Part of the Raven crag group but offering more friendly climbing on perfect volcanic rock, this climb is a perfect introduction to the world of multi-pitch.
  • Shepherd’s crag – Borrowdale: Roadside, sheltered, stunning views over Derwent Water, and loads of great single & multi-pitch climbs.
  • Long Scar / Black crag – Langdale: Home to the grippiest rock in the Lakes. These crags are set high on Pike O’Blisco yet are easy to reach and are equally good for beginners or seasoned climbers.
  • Black crag – Borrowdale: In the secluded valley of Troutdale lies this fine crag with a number of ‘stand out’ routes. For a first visit though it has to be ‘Troutdale Pinnacle’ – 100m of brilliant climbing and a seat on the pinnacle for that ‘space below your feet’ feeling!
  • White Ghyll – Langdale: Already climbing multi-pitch routes and looking for more adventure, look no further. White Ghyll offers a unique climbing experience on amazing rock. Routes here are between 1 – 4 pitches.
  • Wallow barrow crag – Dunnerdale: Often referred to as a good place to go if the weather is unsettled in the central Lakes. Wallow barrow is much more than that, the climbing is excellent, and the outlook over Dunnerdale ranks amongst the best in the Lakes. Whilst there is single pitch climbing here, it’s the multi-pitch routes that stand out.
  • Brantrake crag – Eskdale: For those choosing to stay in the Western Lakes, Eskdale & Wasdale areas, Brantrake crag is where we’ll likely be going. It’s rough and solid granite, with a wide range of routes from easy to extremely difficult.
  • Castle Rock – St. John’s in the Vale: The south crag offers great rock in a very sunny setting. Predominantly single pitch and a good place if you’re seconding ‘trad’ routes.

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What we can offer

  • Group climbing/abseiling sessions
  • Family climbing days
  • 1:1 / 1:2 ratio sessions
  • Indoor to outdoor transition
  • Guided climbing

All safety equipment is provided, so you can concentrate on having loads of fun, experiencing the thrill of ‘space below your feet’ and get to grips with rock climbing.


Price for half days:

  • £100 (£50pp) –   up to 2 participants
  • £140 – up to 4 participants
  • £180 – up to 6 participants
  • £225 – up to 8 participants

Price for full days:

  • £180 (£90pp) – up to 2 participants
  • £220 – up to 4 participants
  • £260 – up to 6 participants
  • £280 – up to 8 participants

For larger groups please get in touch for a quote

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I agree to the following payment terms:

  • Deposit of 50% of total cost upon booking and final balance payable prior to commencing course.
  • Total value of course is due if booking less than 30 days before the route / activity begins.

Payment details will be provided by email following receipt of this form.

In consideration of Mountain Journeys allowing me to take part in and engage in any adventure activity, I hereby acknowledge and declare as follows:

  1. I confirm that I am over the age of 18 (if under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times and they sign below on any child’s behalf).
  2. I agree to be bound by and obey these terms and conditions and all other rules, regulations and conditions of Mountain Journeys and its officials, including those rules, regulations or conditions contained in this Disclaimer and any other applicable safety rules.
  3. I acknowledge that I owe a duty to myself and others whilst engaging in any activity provided by Mountain Journeys to ensure that I do not take any action or step to do or fail to do anything as to endanger my safety and/or the safety of others.
  4. I confirm that I will not attempt to repair, modify or tamper with any equipment provided to me for any purpose whilst engaging in any activity and will comply with all instructions in relation to the safe and proper use of such equipment.
  5. I will not, whilst engaging in any activity provided by Mountain Journeys, use any equipment other than those provided to me by Mountain Journeys without the consent of a representative of Mountain Journeys.
  6. I acknowledge that engaging in an activity provided by Mountain Journeys can be physically and mentally demanding and confirm that I am in good health and know of no reason, physical or mental why I could be unable to engage in such activity.
  7. I agree to pay to Mountain Journeys a sum equivalent to the new value of the item plus an administration charge of £50 if I fail to return to Mountain Journeys any equipment provided to me for the purpose of engaging in any activity.
  8. Cancellations will be subject to a minimum cancellation charge of £50 per day. Cancellations made within 7 days of the activity date will be subject to the full rate agreed for activities and no refund can be given.At our discretion we may offer an alternative date at no additional charge.
  9. I acknowledge that engaging in the activity provided by Mountain Journeys may be dangerous. I therefore recognise that engaging in any activity is at my own risk. I confirm that Mountain Journeys is entitled at any time for whatever reason to deny me access and/or engagement in any activity. I will not hold Mountain Journeys or any of its representatives responsible for any illness, loss, injury or death sustained before, during or after participation in an activity provided by Mountain Journeys unless due to our negligence.
  10. I confirm that I understand the necessity to take out insurance for the activity.
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