Mountain Journeys

Weekend Gorge Scrambling & Abseiling fun

More great weather for this weekend and we were out making the most of it.

Saturday was Gorge Scrambling in Langdale with Bob and 11 friends. Due to some last minute parking issues, we started at The Old Dungeon Ghyll. This adds a few minutes extra walk onto the start of the activity, so, eager to liven this up, we decided to divert into the Dungeon Ghyll on our way to Stickle Ghyll. Although short, this was a fun diversion and well worth seeking out as a good introduction before the bigger waterfalls of Stickle Ghyll.

The flow levels in Stickle Ghyll were still high, making climbing the waterfalls and cascades loads of fun.

Many thanks Bob and all, great to meet you.

Sunday brought with it a more overcast start, although still dry.
I met with Jenny & Jenny in Ambleside and we headed over to Hodge Close quarry for Abseiling fun. Both were new to Abseiling, but it took no time at all for them to be gliding down the steep quarry walls like seasoned pros.
We did 2 separate abseils on either side of the quarry. Afterwards we also took a walk into the adjacent Parrock quarry to fully appreciate the scale of where we were, awesome place is this.

The day continued to brighten, with glimmers of sun from time to time.
Thanks Jenny & Jenny, really nice to meet you.

Here's a few photos of the weekend:



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