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The ridges keep on coming – Cresta del Migdia


Mandy and Phil on the initial narrow section

During a quiet day about a year ago I’d decided to explore a ridgeline near Segaria, Costa Blanca. We know many of the ridges in the region as well as we know the Lakeland scrambles. This one had still to be checked out, so I set off in search of adventure and hopefully a fun scramble.
From the Orba valley Cresta del Migdia is an impressive curving ridgeline and even whilst being so close to the mighty Segaria ridge, it demands attention and begs to be climbed.
I set off from the small village of Tormos and after an easy walk reached the base of the ridge. The start didn’t look promising, but at least the green paint blob suggested someone else had been here and thought it worthy to mark!
The initial moves were in fact much better than appearances suggested, and the rock felt solid and was certainly sharp, at times a bit too sharp. My memories from last year fade until the descent, that being rather memorable for not quite the best reasons! For now let’s just say it was ‘absorbing’. I do remember the ridge being pleasant and a straightforward solo at about UK grade 2 so was fairly keen to go back if the occasion arose.
Then a few ago some friends went across this ridge, I didn’t join them as I was working elsewhere. They came back with tales of such a fun day on a great ridge with lovely sharp rock. Okay, so I now needed to make some more effort to go back and rediscover this place.
Yesterday I did just that, along with the good company of Ros, Neil, Mandy, and Phil who were all keen for an adventure too.
As soon as we arrived at the base of the ridge I remembered the start, but many of the details had faded from memory, all the better and all the more adventure. What this ridge gave us was hundreds of metres of wonderful scrambling on super sharp limestone. Views over the Orba valley and to Segaria and Montgo were breathtaking. Why had I waited a year to come back here, crazy! Whilst a group rope was carried it was never deployed as everyone felt comfortable on the terrain, although for anyone not used to exposure there would be times a rope could come into play.
A short descent at the end of the ridge led us to a broad col and from here the terrain deteriorated to rough scrubland. I remembered this part well! We found a line of tiny cairns so followed these into pine woods, part way through here the cairns and path disappeared and left us to bushwhack the rest of the way back to the main path. A few scratches and maybe a little cursing later we arrived at the big path for the easy return walk with fine views back up to the ridge.
Very doable as an afternoon out and feeling like a proper mountain day, this ridge is worth putting on the list as a ‘rest day’ for visiting climbers, or a fun day out for mountain enthusiasts.
We can offer help and guidance on this and any of the other ridges in the region as well as all the fun activities we offer back in the Lake District. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Enjoying the final section of the ridge. Segaria and Montgo clearly visible in the background



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