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Mountain Journey

Team building Lake District - ascending Scafell Pike

Team building Lake District  

Away days for friends and family are common and good. It’s bonding time and very important. Bonding is also important amongst work colleagues. Some organisations are good at planning these days in, others are still new to it and may think of a team building away day as an unnecessary expense. They aren’t.

When planned properly these can be extremely cost effective trips. Like a car that’s just had the engine oil refreshed, a well oiled team works so much more efficiently, so much better, is so much more productive and cost effective. Not to mention happier.

Because happiness is not only important for our mental well being, but for our productive output. A happy worker is a good worker. With a happy and well bonded staff team there is no limits on productivity. So why not treat your staff to an away day and include some adventurous activities that will help bonding.

We offer tailored team building activities that can benefit your staff team. All activities are based in the beautiful Lake District.

A guided walk - through spectacular valleys or over mountain tops, you choose. We take care of the planning and navigation, will point out areas of interest along the way and ensure the safety of all walkers. This leaves your team free to chat, network, connect, and just get to know each other better.

Gorge scrambling - maybe you have staff meetings planned during your stay in the Lakes, but want to give the team a treat and something they’ll remember. Let us organise a gorge scrambling adventure for you. We provide all the equipment and super experienced instructors. This activity is brilliant for teams and we actively encourage team support throughout the activity.

Abseiling - a great way of bonding is to be pushed to the limits of your comfort zone. For many, abseiling down a big cliff does exactly that. Working through this as a team is a wonderful experience. Lasting bonds will undoubtedly be formed and friendships strengthened.

Rock Climbing - similar to abseiling, this is all about pushing out of the comfort zone. We get the whole team involved in helping control the climbing ropes, further enhancing the team building experience.

Mountain Biking / Gravel rides- taking to the bridleways and forest tracks of the Lake District, let us take your team on a two wheeled journey through some epic scenery. There will be an obligatory cafe stop of course, for some team chat and tactics talk. We use hire bikes from Ghyllside Cycles in Ambleside. These are current models and well maintained by their expert mechanics. 

Finish any of these off with a bite to eat at a country pub with lots of laughing and joking about the days fun. For sure you’ll be returning with a stronger team.

Whether you’re planning a day visit, or an overnight stay in the area. We can facilitate any of these activities and can offer lots of locations throughout the Lake District.

The photos included in this post show just a small selection of the activities we can offer. And rest assured, we have been offering outdoor activities throughout the Lake District for over 15 years. By choosing us, you’re putting your team in experienced and safe hands.

We keep our equipment fresh and up to date and we only use good quality brands.

For more, see our Activities page here and If we can help please do get in touch

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team building Lake District

Team building Lake District - in the Esk Gorge


team building Lake District

Team building Lake District - Rock climbing in Langdale


Mountain Journey

Team building Lake District - in the Esk Gorge


Mountain Journey

Team building Lake District - on Loughrigg Fell


Mountain Journey

Team building Lake District - Gravel riding in Langdale



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