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Sky running Lake District – A Rapid Round of Langdale Scrambles


The fun begins in Stickle Ghyll

Sky Running Lake District

With a mixed forecast and lots to do back at base, me & Kate decided on a run / scramble in nearby Langdale.

The idea of going scrambling in the mountains with minimal kit and moving quickly really appeals to me, less to carry, easier and less restricted movement without a big backpack on.
Over recent weeks I've been giving this a try and it's going well. So far all the run/scramble trips have been solo, but today Kate joined me.

With enough just kit between us we set off from the New Dungeon Ghyll and straight into Stickle Ghyll, a rapid and fun ascent began with loads of boulder hopping and easy scrambling by the side of waterfalls and around deep pools. We stayed in the Ghyll most of the way to Tarn crag, then a very short jog brought us to the spur leading up to this.

Back with hands on rock but still moving swiftly, it's such a good feeling. A hail shower cooled us down and wet the rock, so we decided on the slightly easier scramble known as 'The Spur' which starts from the right hand side of the crag. Solid, rough, and clean rock awaits the scrambler willing to seek this route out, we urge you to do so, it's brilliant.
All the way to the mini summit we sought out the rocky way for maximum fun.

Then back into running mode as we descend to and around Stickle Tarn, a few walkers still by the dam. The scree path up to the start of Jack's Rake was quite a lung-buster, but good to get it over with quickly!!

A quick breather before the longest scramble of the afternoon, Jack's Rake, a Lakeland classic well deserving of its status.

We moved quickly but carefully as exposure builds very rapidly here, so all movement was considered and precise. We had to stop a couple of times to admire the views, but still were soon at the top and enjoying a well earned cereal bar.

Once again into running mode, we traversed towards Harrison Stickle before following the path down to Stickle Tarn and back to the Dungeon Ghyll.

Linking scrambles up in this way (not necessarily running, walking works fine too) can make for wonderful long days out in the Lakeland fells, enjoying hundreds of metres of rocky ascent interspersed with short walking sections.
This link-up is one of many and each of the valleys offers something similar.

What to know more or have a guided day in the mountains? Give us a call / e-mail and we'll put a plan together for you. And more about our Guided Running here

All the best

Mark & Kate


More scrambling on Tarn crag - Sky Running Lake District


Moving rapidly over the technical terrain on Jack's Rake - Sky Running Lake District


High on Jack's Rake - Sky Running Lake District



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