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Rock Climbing Ambleside – where are the best venues?


Scout Crag, Langdale - Rock Climbing Ambleside


Rock Climbing Ambleside - where are the best venues?

With winter almost upon us, a day of rock climbing here in the Lake District may not be high up on the list of things to do right now. But wait a minute, days at this time of year can and do come good more often than you might think.

Last weekend we enjoyed climbing on warm, dry rock in the Langdale Valley. Raven crag which is perched above the hamlet of Chapel Stile, was a sun trap that at times caused us to be in short sleeves. We couldn’t quite believe it as in general the weather hasn’t been kind of late.

Today we have been back out on the Langdale crags, this time with a family from Liverpool. Well we lucked out with the weather yet again and after a frosty start in the valley, the sun shone and warmed the rock to a pleasant temperature. Short sleeves were on display again today as were many happy faces.

At this time of year it’s even more important than usual to choose the correct venue to suit weather conditions as well as our abilities. Last week, Raven crag worked a treat for a quick roadside climbing fix. Today a group friendly venue was needed and shelter was a must. Scout crags came up trumps and provided us with a warm sun trap that we had all to ourselves.

I may have lost count, but we climbed around 6 routes today, which is pretty impressive given the short daylight hours. Starting with V’diff routes and finishing with an E1, following a progressive journey to this point. It was a nicely social and leisurely day too, with delicious home made cakes and plenty other treats as the day wore on, definitely helped keep energy levels buoyant.

So to answer the question posed in the title ‘where are the best climbing venues’ - it depends. But in the winter season a south facing, sheltered, valley crag is a must. Easy access will be high on the list too. I’d add that the climbs shouldn’t be crazy hard either, so that a belayer isn’t hanging around for too long, or fingers get too cold. Being able to get in somewhere warm afterwards is pretty nice too. There are a variety of fine pubs and cafes in the Langdale Valley, a recent addition that we think is great is Lanty Slee

During the summer months and on warm summer days, well it’s the high mountain crags that win hands down every time. We can only dream about those times until next season. If you’re keen to make some plans for next summer please do get in touch. Have a look at what we can offer here 

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Enterprise (VS) at Raven crag - Rock Climbing Ambleside



The Slab at Scout crag - Rock Climbing Ambleside



Afternoon light over Langdale - Rock Climbing Ambleside



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