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Redovan Climbing: Espolon PDP – bolts are a bonus


Name plaque at the base of the climb

Redovan Climbing: Espolon PDP

It has always been the big routes that have given me most satisfaction, so my interest is forever turning towards the next long climb. During our winter stay in Costa Blanca, there have been multiple big days out on big crags, enjoying long routes of trad and sport climbing. Last week being a highlight when Espolon Central and the Edwards Finish were linked together in a single push.
Yesterday we headed south to the balmy flanks of Redovan, for a big multi-pitch sport route. Maybe 10 pitches, but we didn't have a proper topo and just a hand scribbled page of info, so weren't quite sure what we would get.
It turns out the info we had was perfect and we climbed 9 long pitches and linked these with 3 pitches of scrambling.

A short walk of only 15 minutes leads to the base of the route and a name plaque identifies the route and gives the grade. All the routes appeared to have this. Very helpful.

Often, multi-pitch sport will be sparsely bolted, but not this one. We had 21 quickdraws and were often using most of them on a pitch, most pitches were very long though. This eased route finding and took out any fear factor, making for a very stress free day out.

Something else that is normal on these big routes is loose rock. Again, we hardly found any. Almost the whole route is on very solid limestone with lovely solution pockets that give technical climbing. Pitches 1, 2, 6, 7 were the hardest overall, but I'd say the climbing is sustained throughout.

By the time we were at the top of the climbing pitches, all 500m of it. There was still plenty of energy in the tank to scramble up to tick the nearby summit for 360' views of the flatlands fat below.

The descent walk was scramble at times, and care needed for most of the way. But it is very well marked with green and white paint.

All in all a really good day out and better climbing than either of us expected.
For anyone visiting the Costa Blanca and wanting a long multi-pitch route with climbing at no more than 6a, this is definitely worth a look.

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Thanks to Neil for a top day out 🙂



Me and Neil part way up the route


The steep start to pitch 7. This was a big pitch of over 60m


Scrambling to the summit


Redovan crag



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