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Ponoch Via Ferrata – and so much more on this massive mountain


Ponoch Via Ferrata - Moonrise

Ponoch Via Ferrata - and continuation scrambling to the summit plateau

Many still consider the Costa Blanca to be a mix of seaside resorts and for climbers at least, the home to many excellent sport climbing crags. Both are true, the region is blessed with many good resorts full of wonderful beaches and yes the sport climbing here does seem almost endless.

We are regularly discovering more bolted routes and whole crags under development, so there's lots more to come, meaning lots more to come back for.

But there is much more!

Look away from the roadside bolted crags, turn your heads to the mountains and see a whole new world of possibility. Two of the biggest crags in the region - Ponoch and Puig Campana - actually have their very own guidebooks, and justifiably so, such is the extent of routes.

Whilst we can't claim to know every route on these massive faces, we know some of the classic lines on both and importantly, we know how to safely get off these mountains, which isn't as easy as many may think!

Last week we had the pleasure of showing 3 visiting climbers: Janine; Paul; and Emma around the mighty Ponoch. Whilst all were competent sport and trad climbers, they considered a guide being a worthwhile investment for a big day on the Ponoch. And as we start with the Ponoch Via Ferrata, they also don't need to worry about having their own lanyards, as we provide these.

The ferrata section allows for rapid progress up the mountain and we gained the top of this within the hour. A rest followed whilst we discussed the ridge scramble ahead of us. Paul decided to opt out and instead enjoy a good book whilst sunbathing, and why not!

Janine and Emma were super keen for the scramble, so we sorted the rope and set off, initially along a narrow ridge which soon becomes a buttress. The views and situations are truly phenomenal on this route and we took our time in order to fully appreciate this.
Once at the top, a series of abseils followed by a scree run brought us back to Paul and his book. We all then continued down to the next series of abseils to reach the base of the mountain.

As with so many things, once the procedure is known and route logged, this is all straightforward, but for a first time visitor to this mountain, trying to find all these abseils would be quite daunting. Same goes for the big routes on Puig Campana. It's not so much the reaching the top that's difficult, it's returning to base safely. That's where we can help. For more about the Guided Activities we can offer on Costa Blanca see here

A grand day out in the sun, thanks to Janine, Paul, and Emma.



On the Ponoch Via Ferrata


Emma nearing the top of the scramble



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