Mountain Journeys

Pinnacle Ridge, St. Sunday Crag


A rare one of me. Photo courtesy of Joe Fender

Today I've been out with Joe, enjoying one of Lakelands finest rock scrambles. Pinnacle Ridge on St. Sunday crag.

Joe has an agenda, he has a Himalayan expedition coming up in just over 2 weeks, so is super keen to increase fitness and stamina in preparation for it. Joe was carrying the rope today 🙂

I was equally keen for a training / fitness session, so this worked perfectly all round, and as a bonus, Joe hadn't done Pinnacle Ridge before and it was on the wish list.

The walk in is fairly long, giving us plenty of time to have a proper catch up. Whiling away the walk in time with a good chat is always great, and means we arrived at the base of the route quicker than expected, winner.

We were soon geared up and ready to go. Soloing the initial section as far as the crux corner. This allowed for rapid and fluid movement over the superb rocky arete that makes this route so amazing. The rope came out for the crux and Joe led this smoothly, with me leading through over the main pinnacle. The rope then went back in the back and we returned to solo-mode for the remaining section of ridge.

All too soon we sat at the top of the ridge, another rocky adventure over, but both feeling satisfied with the rewards thus far.
A gentle walk down with stunning views of Ullswater made a fitting end to this fine mountain day.

With our early start it was barely lunchtime by the time we arrived back in Patterdale, leaving plenty time for an afternoon of admin!

Thanks for a grand day Joe.




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