Mountain Journeys

Navigation course

Just back from a glorious 2 days out in the fells around the Langdale valley running a Navigation course for Stephen & Claire from London.

Day one began with an introduction to the map, before we ventured onto the hills above Elterwater and navigated our way to Silver Howe, returning via Dow Bank. Using a combination of steadily introduced skills including:
Orientating / setting the map;
Taking a bearing using a compass;
Sighting using landscape features;

Stephen & Claire navigated with increasing certainty and already by the end of the afternoon were able to identify many features found on an Ordnance Survey map.

Day two saw us move onto higher terrain where less obvious features would need to be located. Almost all of today was spent away from footpaths.
Using strategies such as 'aiming off' and 'contouring' we were able to navigate to very small landscape features with accuracy and minimal effort. The contouring we did was particularly difficult and it could have easily become messy with the complex terrain (rocky bluffs, boulder fields, streams) encountered. I left Claire & Stephen in charge of where we were heading and they got it right straight away, all by simply following the lie of the land, fantastic.

As the views into Langdale promised to be rather impressive, we included a visit to Great Knott. From here Crinkle Crags were in full view and looking dramatic with snow still lingering in the gullies.

A bitterly cold wind was now blowing, so a hasty retreat using 'macro navigation' took us back to Wrynose Pass and home.

Thanks both for a really nice couple of days.




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