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Multi-pitch rock climbing, White Ghyll, Langdale

Today was time for some personal rock climbing, and one of the routes I had in mind was very personal for me.

We were in the Langdale valley at White Ghyll crag. Whilst being not too far from the road, the approach is quite fierce, and I suppose that's in-keeping with the climbing on this crag, fierce!

We started with 'White Ghyll Wall' a 3 pitch VS route offering top quality climbing and amazing positions. The second photo shows Sam leading the 2nd pitch of this.

Having felt very comfortable on this first route, we decided to do a bit more, and 'Haste Not' was the route of choice.
This route has much significance for me. Some years ago now I was climbing this with a good friend, the 2nd pitch, the traverse, got the better of me and I had a bit of a 'wobble'!
At the time, we decided to retreat via abseil and leave it for another time.

So today was time to sort out this unfinished business with 'Haste Not'. Sam led the 1st pitch in fine style, cruising through the steep terrain, making it look effortless. I too felt very comfortable on this 1st pitch and was ready to face my demons on the traverse pitch. Bring it on!
Stepping tentatively beneath the monstrous overhangs the memories for past failure came flooding back, I worked hard to eliminate these negative thoughts from my head and focused 100% on the task in hand, to get though this traverse, reach the belay, and breath!

The difficult moves didn't relent and placing gear proved awkward whilst hanging on on such steep terrain. Arms were beginning to feel strained, I knew a fall was a very really possibility and was ready for it. Thankfully, whilst the climbing remained difficult all the way, the good gear placements also kept coming thick and fast, settling the mind and enabling me to focus completely. Soon I was on a big ledge with the belay close by, phew it's over. What a pitch, the terrain is unlikely on a VS graded rock climb, and the climbing is unlikely on a VS too, this felt more like HVS at least.
Soon it was Sam's turn. Unable to see him from the belay i've no idea how he climbed it, but suspect he cruised it effortlessly as he so often does. He then led us up the final pitch to the top of the crag.

A cracking day, so glad to have this route in the bag.

Cheers Sam 



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