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Multi-activity holiday – Costa Blanca

Freshly back from 2 weeks out on the Costa Blanca, the temperature in Ambleside is going to take a little getting used to!
We have been running a multi-activity holiday out there for a group of 5 friends from Leeds. Having previously met Mandeep & Manjit during a climbing session in Langdale, they roped in some of their friends & family to take part in this amazing adventure.

Me & Joe arrived a few days prior to activities starting, this gave us time to re-assess each venue and make final arrangements with accommodation etc. The weather was unbelievably good, with most days being a little too hot! This theme continued throughout the 2 weeks.

So what did we do?
We went rock climbing in the Echo valley.
Canyoning in the Echo valley and to the truly amazing Barranco del Infierno (google it to see more).
We canyoned some more, this time in order to access a hidden beach. The only other access being by boat. We then swam in the warm sea and sun-bathed.
We explored caves in the Cala Moraig sea cliffs.
Went climbing on the Candelabra del Sol sea cliffs (Me & Joe on our day off)!!
We climbed the Via Ferrata on the massive cliffs of Ponoch, surely the most impressive piece of rock in this part of Spain and a world class rock climbing venue.
And to top it all, we hiked to the summit of Penon de Ifach. This is the iconic cliff rising out of the sea near Calpe. 332 metres high but feels much higher.

A big thank you to Mandeep, Manjit, Amarjit, Jaspal, and Rajesh for your great company and willingness to have a go at whatever activity we put in front of you. A real pleasure to know you all.
And of course, mega thanks to Joe for being an integral part of the instructional team for the week and helping to make everything run so smooth.


The path to Barranco del Infierno - even the walk in is amazing!

Abseil descent from the Ponoch via ferrata

In the Echo valley canyon - a good warm up day

A day at the seaside. Canyon descent to a hidden beach

Time for a brew by the sea

Just driving to most places was exciting enough. This shows the Bernia Ridge from Col de Rates. There's a fab cafe here serving amazing cheesecake too.

Candelabra del Sol, the jewel of the Toix climbing crags.

Setting off on the Via Ferrata, Ponoch

In the Barranco del Infierno

On our way to the hidden beach near Cala Moraig.



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