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Merino wool Buff

Back in October, Buff UK got in touch with us asking if we'd like to use and review some of their products.

As we both like and already use Buff wear, we jumped at the offer and quickly scanned through the website to choose.

Firstly, as it's been a while since I had bought a Buff (they last a long time), I was quite taken aback by the shear choice on offer now.

Neither of us had tried the Merino wool fabric on a Buff, so we both went for that. We both also decided to wait until our winter visit to Spain to start using them. I've found with other merino wool products they work very well in both cold and heat, so was interested to see how these faired in the warm climate of Costa Blanca.

Our first week in the country the weather was very warm and we were out walking in the mountains every day. Ideal Buff testing terrain.

When the going gets really hot, they worked best worn as a headband, keeping sweat from our eyes. As a quick and easy storage place when not in immediate use, they can be worn on the wrist. And when a chilly breeze came along (every now and then), we wore them as neck scarves.
I found myself making mine into a hat a few times, helping to keep the hot sun from my head.

Although they've now been worn a fair bit, both still thankfully look brand new.

We recently received another Buff from some friends. Not actually for us though, but for our dog, Don. I had no idea these were available (and neither did Don). Definitely a pretty cool accessory for the fashion conscious canine. He's worn it a few times and seems to get on with it 🙂

Aside from my fancy new merino wool Buff, I always carry two other Buffs with me when out in the hills. These are part of my emergency system and here's why:
Buff 1: Is wrapped around my 1st aid bag and can double as an extra bandage that's very quick and easy to apply
Buff 2: This one is wrapped around a small head torch and serves to protect it from knocks. This one also of course can double as a bandage. And yes, both are kept clean.
Other items could be used instead, but having tried a few, personally I find the Buff works better as they are so much more versatile and super lightweight.
Check them and many more out here:

Photos from top to bottom:
Walking in the Jalon valley, Spain
Approach walk to a Via Ferrata near Gandia, Costa Blanca
Buff takes a rest on my bag, Sierra de Bernia, Costa Blanca

We'll write another Buff instalment in a few weeks time.




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