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Lake District Gravel Rides – 1 of the best is…


Taking in the view of Kentmere - Lake District Gravel Rides


Lake District Gravel Rides

So on Saturday we found ourselves with a free afternoon and the weather was actually rather nice, if somewhat chilly. Kate wasn’t keen for any rock climbing but did fancy some cardio work courtesy of our two wheeled steeds.

After a fair amount of dithering, we settled on a route leading us to the beautiful Kentmere reservoir. Due to the incessant rain this winter/spring, it hasn’t been feasible to ride this route until now. But the ground is suitably dry-ish again and with some minor tweaks to the route a great outing can be had.

Setting out from Ambleside we opted for the easy but busy route along the road towards Windermere. A necessary evil perhaps but it does allow very rapid access to the quiet lanes and bridleways above Windermere and the traffic was mostly friendly. We turned off at Troutbeck Bridge just by The Sun Hotel  and immediately onto the super steep lane leading up to the Kirkstone Road. From here we loose the road for a while, but soon emerge onto the quiet lanes leading to High Borrans.

Glorious bridleways now take us over higher ground before dipping down into the Kentmere valley, oh what a serene place this is. We use the solitary lane that meanders up the valley and to the church. Soon after passing this we are back on bridleways, all of which are very rideable on a gravel bike. This valley is long, but eventually we arrive at the reservoir. Oh why don’t we visit here more often, it’s gorgeous.

We take a rest on the shores of Kentmere and enjoy some snacks. Soon the chilly breeze reminds us it’s time to get a move on, so off we go. Lots more downhill now and we opt for staying on the surfaced lane all the way to Staveley with the idea being we could stop there for a spot of lunch. We found the lovely Mr Duffin’s Coffee cafe and devoured some of their sandwiches before continuing on towards Ambleside.

As we were by now feeling quite tired - I’d cycled over the Hardknott Pass yesterday -  it was the easy way home for us from here. Utilising the cycleway that runs alongside the A591 

So why is this ‘one of the best’?

Well it is very rideable for a start. With only a short section of main road and that’s avoidable for those who don’t mind more technical terrain.

There are no mega steep ascents / descents, so nothing too scary or exhausting.

The route would be equally enjoyable on a Mountain Bike.

There are loads of options to lengthen or shorten the route, so nice and flexible.

The scenery is pretty amazing. Yes, it’s the scenery that does it, simply sublime.


As we were heading into more remote terrain, we packed plenty of spare kit and warm clothing, including:

Multiple spare tubes; multi-tool; tyre levers; pump; cable ties; plenty of water and food; a map; hats and gloves; warm & waterproof jackets.

Thanks for reading.

We offer loads of fun and adventurous activities here in the Lake District. Rock climbing; Abseiling; Gorge scrambling; Canyoning; Guided mountain walks; as well as Gravel & Road biking. If in the area and looking for adventure be sure to get in touch.





Quiet bridleways en-route to Kentmere - Lake District Gravel Rides



Nice wide and well packed trails - Lake District Gravel Rides



Serene Kentmere - Lake District Gravel Rides



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