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Gillercombe Buttress – Classic Rock of the highest calibre


Kirsty on pitch 2 of Gillercombe Buttress

Gillercombe Buttress

Today I was rock climbing in Borrowdale with Kirsty and Matt. Our objective was to climb the 'classic rock' route of Gillercombe Buttress. At 195m this is one of the longest rock climbs in the Lake District, and at the grade (Severe) it's one of the best.

The approach walk to the crag is straightforward from Seathwaite, less than an hours walk, initially by the waterfalls of Sour Milk Ghyll.

Within minutes of us setting off on the climb, the rain started! A strong breeze thankfully blew much of the rain off the crag, keeping lots of rock quite dry. The rain came and went for the rest of the day, but the sun also made a few appearances, this was especially nice and helped dry us after each shower.

The final belay was next to a huge boulder and we were able to utilise this for shelter, keeping us warm & dry, whilst enjoying atmospheric views out over Gillercombe and along the Borrowdale valley.

Rock climbing in the Lake District is fantastic, even when it rains. Get outdoors, experience 'space below your feet', have an adventure. If you'd like some help with any of that, please give us a call and let's make it happen.

For more details about this and all other climbing routes in the Lake District check out the FRCC guides here

Thanks for a great climb today Kirsty and Matt.


Gillercombe buttress crag

Gillercombe Buttress

Gillercombe buttress - Classic rock

Finally a sunny belay ledge!



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