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Caves of Costa Blanca


Dramatic rock architecture in Cova de Dalt

Earlier in the week we heard about some easily accessible and beautiful caves between the villages of Tarbena and Castell de Castells.
After a little research we headed out with a good idea of where to find these caves. But wow, it was so much easier than we had anticipated, yet every bit as good, maybe better, than we had expected.
The main chamber enjoyed plenty of natural light, allowing the rock colours and formations to be fully appreciated. At one end of this chamber was a much smaller and darker chamber - torch required - which has some impressive rock architecture and well worth a look.

As the approach walk had been so short, only about 20 minutes, we decided to try to make this into a circular route incorporating the summit of Es Crestall, which was almost directly above the cave.
With a little bit of route finding we made a really nice circuit.

If visiting the region and looking for something a little bit different, but not wanting too much physical exertion, this could be just the thing you're looking for. And with the mountain villages of Tarbena and Castell de Castells nearby there's plenty of restaurants for treats afterwards 🙂

​Thanks for reading.



Kate exploring the deeper recesses of the cave


Big views from the summit of Es Crestall



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