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Canyoning Lake District – Fisherplace Ghyll is simply the best canyon descent in the Lakes


Time to get in that waterfall

Canyoning Lake District - Fisherplace Ghyll

Whilst we know lots of the Lake District, including many gorges and canyons. We can't claim to know them all. This allows us to keep on having adventures to new places, which is so much fun. And that's what it is all about, having fun adventures in amazing places.

When we find those really super cool spots we know it's time to share them with our customers. Well, after waiting far too long to check this place out, last week we finally got around to doing the full canyon descent of this amazing Gill that flows on the slopes of Helvellyn.

Having managed an initial descent and loving it, today we returned to spend more time researching the venue and how best to plan for sessions there. The planning is now all done, so time to start showing our wonderful customers the delights of canyoning, Lakeland style. So that means epic waterfalls, stunning scenery, deep plunge pools, crystal clear water and so much more.

Due to the involved and technical nature of this canyon, if necessary we will show you how to abseil in a controlled and safe manor, how to set up various types of abseil, and how to deal with very slippery rocks. This trip will be best enjoyed by those with some previous experience in a gorge or canyon, or with a climbing background.

So if you're planning a visit to the Lakes and looking for something a bit different, something on the extreme side of outdoor activities, this could be just the thing. Check out this and all our activities here

With easy access from the towns of Ambleside, Windermere, or Keswick, it's nice and central.

Give us a call and let's make a plan.



About to get airborne on the big abseil


Entering the depths of the canyon


Emerging on the other side!



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