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Bernia ridge – new routes and discoveries


Looking back along the crest of Bernia

Some days give more adventure than others. Today gave us lots, it was the day that kept on giving.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst walking with friends around the Bernia ridge circuit, I'd spotted a line of bolts in the rock and was keen to know more about where they led to. Having since done lots of research online, I'd come up with absolutely no information relevant to the route! So complete with a full 'trad' rack I set off with friends Kim and Miguel so we could find out for ourselves.

The 1st pitch provided to be an enjoyable layback corner crack, this was fun but some of the holds were worryingly loose so it took us a little longer than anticipated. A double bolt belay gave us reassurance and safety, phew!

The next pitch provided a lot more in the way of loose rock / rubble climbing, this required a very delicate approach. No bolts now and not much in the way of 'trad' gear, now we were committed.

Pitch 3 - After a few metres of loose climbing a fine rib presented itself and proved to be great fun, and solid! Good moves and positions led up to a great belay stance with stunning views over to Puig Campana and Ponoch. The angle eased off now and we put the ropes away. A mix of easy scrambling and walking led us quickly up to the ridge proper.
As it was getting a little late, our plan was to reverse the ridge, however we were now too far along to easily do this, so once again were committed. We put our Duracell hats on and powered along the ridge rapidly and efficiently. But still taking some time to admire our location and surroundings, such an awesome place.

Walking down from the ridge I had mixed feelings. Happiness that we hadn't pulled any big rocks off and were all safe and well. Sadness that the route up to the ridge had provided to be disappointing climbing. I was reminded by Miguel that not every new route we do is going to be amazing. But by continually searching out new ways up the mountains, new lines on crags, new crags, we are able to share the best - and there are some amazing places - of these places with you.

All in all, another satisfying day in the mountains, exploring and adventuring. Thanks to Miguel and Kim for joining and helping out on this one 🙂



The view looking inland is pretty good too!


Kim and Miguel nearing the end of the traverse this afternoon



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