Mountain Journeys

Barranco de Malafi and rather exciting looking ridge!


Yet another striking ridge in Northern Costa Blanca

Yesterday we (Mark, Kate, Kim, and Don) decided on a walking day, partly to let our hands and arms rest from rock climbing, but also so we could explore more of this beautiful area. So often, the way to discover new crags for climbing and / or scrambling is to go for a walk in the mountains and look around.

At 20km distance and about 650m of ascent this was going to be a tiring day, a rest for arms maybe, but legs would certainly be on overtime!
Starting from the Pla de Petracos, the scenery is immediately breathtaking, and it only gets better. The track through the barranco proved to be very rough, probably due to the recent flooding, but wow did it show us some sights. The rocky crags to our right ended in an extremely narrow ridge, one that needs to be climbed for sure. At present we don't even know what it's called, or if it has a name, most likely it doesn't.

Ascending out of the barranco we were treated to views towards Serrella and over to Forada, as well as Bernia.

Arriving back at the Pla de Petrecos, we were all pleasantly tired and feeling happy with our new discovery.

Thanks to Kate, Kim, and Don for their good company.




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