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Activity Days Ullswater – Exploring the hidden delights of Deepdale


Link Cove Beck
Activity Days Ullswater - Exploring Deepdale
After 3 days out and about 50km of walking in the mountains, the legs were feeling tired. It would have been all too easy to stay at home today, especially as it’s been raining on and off all day.

Some inspiration from Sam & Jo and an interesting route proposal saw me putting the boots back on for more mountain fun. When Sam suggested some scrambles on Greenhow End I had to check the maps to find out where this was!! The guidebook did a pretty good job of selling the routes, and a further check online confirmed these will likely be good quality scrambles.

The walk from Bridgend along the Deepdale valley was a delight, and far drier than I was expecting. We mostly followed the river, crossing it and a couple of tributaries along the way. Belted Galloway’s huddled together between the drumlins by the meandering river, always nice to see these gentle creatures.

We could see the start of our scrambling route and the huge crag of Greenhow End towering above. Link Cove Beck provided a glorious start to the rock fun, luscious water worn rock of the highest quality allowed us to gain height next to the gushing waterfalls. A little higher and the beck became more ravine like, we escaped onto rocks on the right and continued scrambling, more easily now. The terrain eventually levelled a little at the entrance to Link Cove, our main objective now being close by and already looking pretty good.

We weren’t sure of where to start the upper scrambling, so aimed for what looked like the cleanest rock, this proved to be a good move. A couple of sheep were snoozing nearby and our presence disturbed them, they went to find somewhere even more peaceful!

The ‘light slabs’ on Greenhow End consisted of some of the grippiest rock I have ever scrambled / climbed on, this was interspersed with short sections of grass which linked together very nicely. The grass terraces allow for easy variation and even escape if needs be. As height was gained the scrambled got even better, with longer sections on rock and delightfully exposed positions in this almost deserted valley.

As is always the case when so much fun is being had, it’s over all too soon. We joined a broad ridge leading us above Scrubby Crag to join the Fairfield horseshoe and many other walkers. From the summit of Hart crag we turned off the busy path to follow the ‘Above Hartsop How’ ridge that gently sweeps back down to Patterdale.

For anyone thinking, hmmm, I wonder what those scrambles in Deepdale are like? They are wonderful and absolutely worth the walk.
If you would like to hire a guide for these or other Lakeland scrambles or walks please get in touch, we’d be very happy to help.

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Enjoying the superb rock on Greenhow End


Looking towards Greenhow End from Deepdale



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