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Abseiling Lake District: Overcoming fears and enjoying an adventure


Me setting up the ropes for an abseil down the big wall

Abseiling Lake District

A little while back we were contacted by Claire who was keen to complete an abseil, but was quite nervous about it (which is fairly normal). Upon meeting Claire it was clear the nervousness was still very much there, but she was controlling and rationalising it well. For most, completing an abseil for the first time is a big event, it is stepping off a cliff after all! So we do our best to explain the whole process and will often set up a rope on level ground to enable people to  practice in advance of the real thing. That's what we did today and this clearly reassured Claire that all would be well.

We were at Cathedral quarry in Little Langdale. The smaller abseil is a little under 20 metres and vertical. Claire cruised down this and was soon smiling and enjoying the experience. I sensed she would benefit from a trip down the big wall, but didn't want to rush this, so left the ropes in place for another descent of this smaller descent. Second time went even better, with more comfort and control.

The big abseil was offered and accepted, then I pointed it out and there was a pause, but only a pause, we were on for this 🙂
A few minutes later and the ropes were all set for a 45 metres vertical and free-hanging descent down this dramatic wall of slate. With no hesitation or looking down, Claire was on her way, despite by now having an audience and the added pressure. Another smooth and well controlled, enjoyable descent and a brilliant effort from Claire. Having arrived feeling nervous and apprehensive, not even knowing herself whether or not she could do even the smaller abseil, Claire not only smashed that, but also the really big abseil that see's far fewer descents. Check out more about our abseiling here.

Setting challenges, overcoming fears, and having adventures are all seriously good things to be doing. No matter what the challenge, what your fear, keep pushing.
For us it's the best part of our work to be able to facilitate this for people, thanks to you all.

And big congratulations and thanks to Claire for joining us today.



Abseiling Lake Distict - the big wall at Cathedral quarry


Afternoon light coming in through the window



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