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Family Fun Days in the Lake District – Top 3 Activities to try when visiting


Gorge Scrambling is the numero one - Family Fun Days in the Lake District


Family Fun Days in the Lake District - Top 3 Activities to try when visiting 

We are asked a lot ‘what’s the most fun activities to try when visiting the Lake District’. It’s an easy one to answer as there is definitely a numero uno. But other fun adventure activities are well worth a mention here too.

The best family fun days in the Lake District will revolve around Gorge Scrambling. This is a brilliant activity that’s suitable for the whole family from around age 5 upwards. It’s also the most popular activity, our most popular by a long way.

What makes Gorge Scrambling so popular?

The scenery is gorgeous. We visit hidden waterfalls and emerald green pools for swimming and jumping into. There’s always loads of fun and laughter, as well as a healthy dose of adrenaline, so usually a few happy screams too. As a bonus, it doesn’t much matter what the weather is doing at the time. Rain or shine this is brilliant fun.


Gorges always hit the spot - Family Fun Days in the Lake District


So maybe you’re not keen for getting wet in the gorges. That’s fine, we understand. How about some Rock Climbing then. This is another justifiable popular activity and as the Lake District is home to English rock climbing, it seems only fitting to have a go whilst visiting.

This is where it all started for us, climbing. Enjoying making progress up a steep rock face, searching for hand and foot holds, taking time to enjoy the glorious views and soak up the atmosphere. There really is nothing quite like it.

We know loads of great venues throughout the Lake District. Many have really easy access, all have amazing views, and we can tailor days to suit your aspirations.


Rock Climbing in the sunshine - Family Fun Days in the Lake District


The pure adrenaline rush of descending a sheer cliff face may be what you’re after. In which case it will be Abseiling that you’re looking for. This will hit the spot well and truly. We can offer abseils from about 12 metres up to almost 50 metres! In case you’re wondering how big is 50m, very very big. We aim to please so will tailor the session to your requirements and can even offer a variety of abseils at some locations.

All the venues we use offer very easy access, great views and are inclusive, meaning great for all the family.

We always take time to explain the process of abseiling in detail, so you learn about the mechanics of it before going over the cliff edge. You will then control your own speed of descent, with us on hand as back up should you need it.


Abseiling - Family Fun Days in the Lake District


We decided many years ago now that offering a value package for families visiting the Lake District was important to us. The Family Adventure Day was born and since, many families have enjoyed these days out, as have we. These will typically be a combination of Rock Climbing, Abseiling, and Rock Scrambling. Sometimes it will include all 3 of these elements, sometimes there will be 2. Weather, group size, and location will affect the exact format but we will always do our best to tailor the day for your family.

So there you have it. Family Fun Days in the Lake District in a nutshell. We think they’re all amazing and we hope you will too. The best season to enjoy any of these is between April to the end of October. Abseiling can be enjoyed year round. 

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Rock Scrambling near Coniston - Family Fun Days in the Lake District


Booking with us ensures you are provided with top quality equipment and guidance at all times. Our instructors know all venues very well and are super experienced. Check out our Activities page for all that we offer

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