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Walking in the hills is good for you. Make hiking a new year resolution!

2016 is almost over and many people will be preparing for their 2017 health drive. Unfortunately, this motivation will likely wane as the gym becomes tedious or life gets in the way.
We propose a new resolution for 2017 that will not only help with your fitness goals but also ensure that every exercise is unique. For 2017 we recommend that you start hiking.
Hiking is a great way to burn calories with Fit Day reporting that it is possible to burn up to 500 calories an hour if you walk at 4.5 miles per hour, and 250 calories at 2.5 miles an hour. Fit Day also states that hiking forces you to exercise, as you can’t just stop, you have to walk back to the beginning or end point. It is also helps with motivation as unlike a gym there will be no feeling of inadequacy or waiting for machines to become free.
It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or a novice, army fit or looking to lose weight, hiking can be done by anyone at anytime.  No matter when you hike every experience will be different. Trekking in the Lake District during the winter is very different to scrambling up gorges in the summer. Hiking is a great way to tailor a workout to your own needs compared to other sports. For example, in Stephen Tudor’s article on footballer’s fitness levels for esteemed Champions League site Betfair, the journalist states that a footballer will “individually achieve 120 intense actions or sprints…[and] their heart rate will consistently reach 170 bpm.” This is great if you’ve been exercising for years but not ideal for those looking to gently get back into sport. So, this is where endeavours like hiking come into play.
Compared to a year long gym membership hiking is also a lot better on the bank balance. If you are new to hiking then Now Loss recommends investing in a good pair of boots. Compared to a year long gym membership a good pair of boots will last you many years. Now Loss also believes that to get the best results it is best to hike several times a week. This doesn’t have to be a 20-mile trek and could instead be a 40 min walk up the hill near your home.
If you are looking to become adventurous then Loud Line Apparel made a list of six outdoor resolutions. One of the joys of hiking is being adventurous, exploring new places, and taking yourself outside of your comfort zone. At the top of the list they put planning a long distance trip. Unlike most other forms of exercise or sports you can turn hiking into a healthy vacation. There are many different challenges both in the UK and across the globe. Mountain Journeys suggests attempting the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, which is 23 miles long and physically demanding. If you head to Europe explore the trails around Mount Blanc or if you happen to be in America hike along the Grand Canyon. The world is your limit.
Hopefully this has inspired you to try something different in the New Year in order to achieve your fitness goals. Hiking is one of the best ways to lose weight and see the some of the best environments in the world.



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