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Trail Running Lake District – Epic weather


A thoroughly wild day on Coniston Old Man

Trail Running Lake District

This last week or two have been rather damp here in the Lakes, maybe you've seen the news reports of swollen rivers?! Of course this doesn't stop us getting out and having fun. It simply means we adapt our plans accordingly. Gorge and climbing activities were off the cards, but mountain activities were very much a goer.

On Thursday, and after prolonged torrential rain, I set out with Nick for a run over Coniston Old Man. The forecast was for more of the same and a strong breeze to ensure we had a sideways shower too! For mountain running these days are ideal as it's cool and feels like a struggle, it's what running in the mountains is all about. Grit those teeth and go.

Nick was very well kitted out and a regular runner, looking to push himself a little further and enjoy day. Setting off at a nice steady pace, we soon warmed up and found a natural rhythm, occasionally pausing to enjoy the scenery and marvel at how much water was all around us. Soon we were standing on the summit of Coniston Old Man, not much of a view but still great to be up there.

It was quite chilly so we didn't stay long, making our way to Goats Hause and on down to Goats Water where we had to wade through the lake at times. Lots of enjoyable running followed all the way back to Coniston and hot mugs of tea. We'd both earned our dinners 🙂

Just a few days later I was back out in the running shoes, this time with Kate. Doing a circuit of Loughrigg. This is a regular for us and one of my favourites. We visited Lily Tarn, Loughrigg Tarn, Grasmere, and Rydal Water. Lakes were the theme of the day, although rivers and streams played their part too. The weather couldn't have been more contrasting, with bright blue skies and high pressure.

When sat at home, if it's a sunny day there is an urge to be outdoors. When it's wet and gloomy this urge disappears. Yet it is those wet days that provide the very best running days. Once out and dancing over rough mountain terrain, it is so much better when the rain is lashing at your face horizontally. Remember, no such thing as bad weather.......only poor clothing.



Coppermines valley, after our ascent of Coniston Old Man. Brutal conditions made for a brilliant run.


Kate enjoying the views from Loughrigg


Loughrigg tarn and the Langdale Pikes



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