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Fun Things to do in the Lake District


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Things to do in the Lake District

When planning a holiday to the Lake District it can feel somewhat bewildering as to how best to spend your days here. There is just so much to do. Take a step back, it's not necessary to be 'doing' something everyday huh, it's holiday time after all. Get up late, go for a long lunch, take an easy stroll through the park, eat fish & chips on the shores of Windermere.
Oh but yes there's plenty more besides, as what a wonderful playground the Lake District is.

Mountain and valley walking: the opportunities for this are seemingly endless. From scaling the highest mountain in England to a leisurely stroll around the shores of Buttermere, there is something to suit everyone. For many it is the high mountains that attract and a couple of our recommendations would be:
Fairfield horseshoe - starting from the bustling village of Ambleside this is a 10 mile walk into the high mountains and offers continually good views.

Helvellyn - the 3rd highest mountain in England and one of the most diverse. Striding Edge makes a popular first scramble for many (but please don't under-estimate it) and there are fine walking routes of various lengths starting from the western side. It may be you're wanting to combine some fun and interesting walks with some relaxing yoga and great food, if so do check out Adventure Yogi as they run some great retreats in the South Lakes.

For those wanting to stay in the valleys, a couple of fine walks are:
A circuit of Rydal Water and Grasmere - this is full of history and romance, but the big draw for most will be the views over Rydal, especially so during autumn when the leaves are changing colour.
The Buttermere round - this is probably the flatest walk I know, so anyone not wanting uphill as a feature, look this way. World class scenery on well maintained footpaths and a pub at the end. What's not to like.


Rock climbing in Langdale
Things to do in the Lake District - getting more adventurous now
Moving away from the footpaths, let's have a look at rock climbing:
By many, the Lake District is considered to be the birthplace of rock climbing here in the UK. I buy into that. There is certainly enough history. Check out the Mabel Barker story here for a snapshot of this history. And the solo's on Napes Needle and down climbing Broad Stand for the first time, simply epic.
The Lake District offers the modern climber a wonderful playground. From complete novice wanting to touch rock for the first time to experienced trad climber pushing the boundaries. Many of the climbing venues have easy access and are perfect for beginners.
Stickle barn and Scout crags in the Langdale valley being two such venues. Solid, clean rock give good climbs in an impressive arena, so they are even great places for spectators.
For those taking their next steps in rock climbing, there's Raven crag in Langdale too. Good for first time multi-pitching and a good training ground for mountaineering adventures in the future.

Rock climbing and / or Abseiling can be a really fun way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. Just having fun, being supportive of one another, gaining new skills, and enjoying fantastic views.


Enjoying gorge scrambling in Coniston

Things to do in the Lake District - getting wet in the Gorges & Canyons

For some, it's all about getting wet!
Thankfully the Lake District has many wonderful gorges and canyons, These are sometimes hidden, so not easy to find or navigate. With thick wetsuits on we can explore these hidden gems and there is something to suit all from around the age of 5 upwards.
Scrambling up waterfalls, jumping into pools of deep water, wild swimming - it's all here. Historically gorges were used as the fun way into the mountains but the emphasis was on keeping dry. This has all changed and now the emphasis is all on getting wet, very wet. It is the most fun way to approach a gorge and universally enjoyed.

If making a visit to the Lake District and not sure what activity to choose, it's this one. Take a morning out of your stay and join us for some monumental fun in one of these hidden playgrounds.

We offer all the above activities and more. We know the Lake District very well having lived and worked here for around 17 years. The equipment we use is top quality and regularly refreshed too.

Give us a call ahead of your next visit and let's get some adventures planned 🙂

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