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Summer Holidays Lake District – the craziness begins


Summer Holidays Lake District - Church beck canyon trip

Summer Holidays Lake District

It's been a month since my last blog post, pretty unusual as I do try to keep things up to date. We have just be so incredibly busy there has been no time to write. I'm very happy about this as the very slow start to the year did not bode well.
Now that we have all been allowed out again it seems most are taking advantage of it and getting out into the hills.

We have been busy with guided walks, rock climbing, scrambling, technical skills courses for climbers, abseiling. But mostly we have been in gorges and canyons. If I'm honest it took me a few years to appreciate the joys of canyoning, I used to think it was all just cold and wet and lots of faff. There can be an element of cold, there's certainly lots of wet, and for us there is some faff, but we take care of all that for you.
But, these are all massively outweighed by the sheer fun to be had in these magical places. Waterslides, pool jumps, abseiling through waterfalls, swimming in crystal clear waters, and splashing around with friends and family.

There are venues suitable for all from around age 5 upwards. Some venues are adult only and can be quite extreme. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll come up with a plan.

Summer is the best time to be in these watery places as the weather here tends to be damp during July and August. Then September arrives and we hope for drier times and to be back on the rock, enjoying the rough volcanic rock that abounds here in the Lakes. We find September and October to be optimum times for climbing and other rock based activities.

Although we are now pretty booked up for the coming weeks, there is still some availability for later in August and good availability during September and October. If you're thinking of visiting and want to experience the best the Lakes can offer, please do get in touch.

Signing off now to prep for an afternoon of abseiling in the big slate quarries 🙂

Thanks for reading



Original Route, Raven crag, Langdale


Summer Holidays Lake District - Family fun in Stickle ghyll, Langdale


Whenever in a canyon or gorge with us, you will receive a briefing prior to getting started and at other relevant times


Enjoying a blue sky day in Langdale


Summer Holidays Lake District - Canyon descent of Stoneycroft ghyll


Technical skills course


More Church beck fun


Traffic jam in Coniston!



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