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Segaria ridge traverse – An adventure ridge with easy access


The initial section of the Segaria Ridge traverse

Segaria Ridge Traverse

With friends visiting last week we eased off a little and enjoyed some down-time, although did still manage a day at the splendid Marin crag near Alicante with Wayne, a trip down the Barranco del Pas de Tancat (Bolulla), and a visit to Viudes crag near Tarbena.

Today it was time for some exercise again and what better than the nearby and very dramatic Segaria ridge. Only a 10 minute drive from our winter base in Llosa de Camacho, i'm not sure why we don't visit this one more often.

Our team today was: Kim & Jenny climbing as a pair, and Me, Kate, & Ann climbing as a 3.
We were in no particular rush, so cruised along the ridge, taking time to absorb our surroundings, breath in the fresh mountain air, and of course chat 🙂  I'd not been out climbing / scrambling as a team of 3 for a while, so it was a good to revisit these useful skills.

Some will feel happy to solo most or even all of the Segaria Ridge traverse, which is fine. We opted for the safety of a rope from the initial traverse section onwards. This slows progress a little, but only a little, we think it's worth it.

Our plan was to descend from the midway col, so this includes all the more difficult sections of the ridge, including the crux climb (about grade 4+/Severe).

The weather: yes we've heard it's been a bit cold and damp in the UK, sorry to hear that. It's been the complete opposite here in Costa Blanca. Today the thermometer read 25C! With clear blue skies & light winds what's not to like?
After a day on Segaria, we well remember the term 'Segaria sharp'! The rock on and around this ridge is super, super sharp. Our fingers now tingle from its delights.

With so much amazing 'sport climbing' here in Costa Blanca, it's easy to dismiss the more adventurous mountain days. The 'trad climbing' is excellent, exciting, and adventurous. You're also unlikely to see another person all day on any of the bigger trad routes and ridges. A great tonic after a day at Sella for example.

The trad gear required for most ridges here is fairly minimal. A set of wires, some extenders, and a few 120cm slings. The slings are the most useful kit as there is an abundance of threads in the Limestone.

If you'd like to escape the UK winter for a few days / long weekend, and 'hot rock' is your thing, why not get in touch and let's make a plan. Check out our Spain page here

Or if keen to explore the delights of Costa Blanca under your own steam. Please check out our New Cicerone Guidebook here

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Me & Ann on the Segaria Ridge traverse



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