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Rope skills for scrambling and easy climbs – Raven Crag Lake District


Enjoying super grippy rock even on a damp day - Rope skills for scrambling

 Today we've had a short session at the delightful Raven crag in Yewdale. This is a venue we frequently use to introduce people to the fun of rock scrambling here in the Lake District. Our agenda was different today, this was a visit for our own development and taking the time to look at the route, stances, and anchors, analysing our methods and being constructively critical to each other.

When scrambling, any rope use should primarily be safe, but it should also be quick and efficient. Even for seasoned rock climbers, this doesn't come without extensive and regular practice on a variety of terrain types.

The weather brightened up as we neared the top of the scramble, so good views of Coniston Water opened up for us. Regardless of any wet weather, rock scrambling is a fun and interactive activity, a perfect way to entertain and enthuse the whole family when visiting the Lake District.

A really useful session, thanks Kelly.


Skills for scramblers and rock climbers

Simple yet effective anchors, suitable for scrambling terrain - Rope skills for scrambling

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Even when wet the rough volcanic rock here is a delight to climb and scramble on



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