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Rock climbing skills course – Lake District

Rock climbing skills - placing trad gear

When one doesn't fit, try two!

Abseiling skills - Italian hitch

Abseiling using an Italian hitch and Prussik

On Wednesday we welcomed back the Pearson family from Cambridgeshire, enjoying an Adventure day on Pike O'Blisco. Rock climbing and scrambling our way to the summit. Views from the top were spectacularly good and the weather perfect.

And for Thursday I was out with friends visiting from Germany. Anthony & Helen had been rock climbing with Kate for 2 days already this week, and for their final day on Lake District rock they were keen to venture onto more difficult routes. Unfortunately the weather had other plans for us! Very heavy rain soaked the entire district. Undeterred and definitely still wanting to try harder climbs, we began at Hodge Close Quarry where we covered a few skills whilst sheltering under the tree canopy. Then onto the routes, Sasquatch is a 40m HVS 5a route and it was soaking! Both were well up for the challenge and both made it to the top of the route, with only a couple of little slips! Well done.
We finished the day at Raven crag in Langdale and yes there were even other climbers out here, good effort. We climbed a few variations on Middlefell Buttress and looked over a few more rock climbing skills before making our retreat to the valley.

Friday brought with it some much needed sunshine, yippee!
I was out with Richie for a rock climbing & scrambling skills day on Pike O'Blisco.
It quickly became clear that Richie knew what he was doing, could place good protection and build high quality anchors for an abseil or climb. For peace of mind Richie was keen for appraisal of these skills, confirmation that what he was doing was correct, which it was, nice one. We introduced a few new skills and methods to widen his reportoire of skills and looked at emergency belay / abseil techniques should a climber forget their belay device (we managed to forget one today so this was very relevant).

Thanks everyone for making this another brilliant week in the mountains.




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