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Rock Climbing near Coniston – Fantastic climbing on super sharp slate


Slate climbing at Tilberthwaite - Rock Climbing near Coniston

Rock Climbing near Coniston

We've had a pretty non-stop weekend of Rock scrambling, Abseiling, Gorge scramble, Rock climbing, and Abseiling again.

Firstly with Asam and his 7 pals. Keen to squeeze in Abseiling and Scrambling into a morning, we combined the brilliant Raven crag, Yewdale for Scrambling with the epic abseiling venue of Hodge Close quarry. With the venues being so close together, we were able to easily cruise both activities and enjoy the views and be finished in time for lunch.

Then it was away to Langdale for us, to meet the Dumbarton Fire Cadets. The sun was out and we were in, in the Gorge that is. Perfect weather for it and everyone got a proper soaking. Jumping and swimming in the pools as well as some waterfall climbing too.

For Sunday it was more fun with the Fire Cadets. Rock climbing and Abseiling at Tilberthwaite quarry near Coniston. This proved to be a good venue for this team who definitely rose to the challenge that slate climbing brings. Some really impressive climbing going on this morning. We finished the day with an abseil, just as the rain arrived, so a bit of a soaking too 😉

Thanks everyone and especially to Allan from the Fire cadets and Joe for helping out.


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A sunny day at Hodge close quarry - Abseiling

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Focused on the next move - Rock Climbing near Coniston

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The most important thing, to have fun and enjoy some laughter with friends



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