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Rock Climbing near Ambleside – Scrambles and easy climbs in the Langdale valley


Mark setting off on the first section of the East ridge of Harrison Stickle - Rock Climbing near Ambleside

Rock Climbing near Ambleside

Yesterday I had been leading a walk over the Langdale Pikes and we included Jacks Rake into the itinerary, which was lovely.
​And today i'm back in Langdale, this time for a full day of Rock Scrambling. Mark, who i've previously climbed with on Ill Crag (Scafell range), was back in the Lake District and keen for more quality scrambling and had chosen Langdale for this. Good choice.

We began with 'The Groove' on Tarn Crag. This is a fine grade 3 route on impeccable rock, with much variety and plenty of opportunity to gain valuable route finding skills whilst on steeper terrain. We flew up this and took in a couple more steep sections higher up before dropping down to Stickle Tarn.

Jacks Rake on Pavey Ark was next up. A striking fault line cutting a gash across the huge South West face of Pavey Ark, the Rake is prominent from afar. A long scramble and a very strong line, with little / no route finding difficulties in clear weather. We noticed more evidence of rockfall, certainly something to be mindful of on this route. Well worth wearing a helmet.

From the top, we descended back towards Stickle Tarn as far as the base of Harrison Stickle.

After a short lunch break we were recharged and ready for more rock action. This time the 'East Ridge of Harrison Stickle'. A grade 2 route involving complex route finding throughout. The rock quality is simply magnificent and despite a few damp patches here and there, it was easy to stick to the dry rock all the way. The scramble goes all the way to the summit of Harrison Stickle.

All that was left was a scenic descent to the New Dungeon Ghyll via the Dungeon Ghyll footpath.

​A grand day out in glorious weather, thanks Mark.

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Jacks Rake - Rock Climbing near Ambleside


The East Ridge area of Harrison Stickle - Rock Climbing near Ambleside



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