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Rock Climbing in Langdale – The Glorious crags of Langdale


Afternoon sun - Rock Climbing in Langdale

Rock Climbing in Langdale

A last minute booking today saw us out enjoying afternoon sun whilst climbing at Scout crags in Langdale. After lots, and we do mean lots, of rain, the Ghylls were all in spate, we even had to boulder-hop over White Ghyll which is very unusual. This all added a nice sense of drama to the day. Strong winds were shifting the clouds over the valley and giving some stunning light conditions the whole time, such a privilege to be out on such a day.

To the climbing. Justin & Lisa enjoyed around 7 climbs this afternoon, some being repeats in order to spend time on developing technique. The crag was completely dry thanks to the strong winds. We rounded up with a bouldering session which saw to it that all muscles were completely spent.

An easy meander back through the fields in the late afternoon sunshine brought the day to an end, lovely.

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Thanks Justin & Lisa.



Enjoying dry rock and sun at Scout crags - Rock Climbing in Langdale


Bouldering in the sunshine - Langdale style 🙂



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