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Rock climbing in Langdale – fun climbing for families


Enjoying the fine rock at Stickle Barn crag - Rock Climbing in Langdale

Rock Climbing in Langdale

Yesterday we were joined by a family from Memphis Tennessee. Alice, Emma, and Harry all being regular indoor climbers were all keen to try out real rock. And where better than the English Lake District.

Starting at Lower Scout crags everyone climbed a variety of routes, all on dry rock despite the showers of the morning and rain the day before. We exhausted the dry routes by early afternoon so moved on to Stickle Barn crag, which is only a short walk away. This is part of the attraction of Rock Climbing in Langdale, there is so much choice.

The climbs at Stickle Barn generally feel tougher, but by now everyone was ready for that additional challenge. A couple more climbs were enjoyed on the immaculate (and totally dry) rock here. Tiredness had definitely set in amongst the youngsters and with a steep walk ahead of us we called it time more or less in time for an early supper at The Stickle Barn Tavern.

The resilience and determination of Emma, Alice, and Harry was quite outstanding. They weren't for giving up at a tough move, but would keep on trying until they figured it out. Offering help to each other too.

The biggest thing I noticed today though was the absence of mobile phones 🙂 Yes mum had one for photos, but the kids were here to climb, enjoy the view, look at the sheep, and that's what they did. To see kids really enjoying, embracing, and appreciating the great outdoors is truly wonderful.

Thanks to Robin, Emma, Alice, and Harry. Also thanks to Anna for helping out and lots of belaying today.




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