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More canyon discoveries, Costa Blanca


Abseiling through the narrows!

Barranco del Pas de Calvo

Whilst enjoying a walk along the beautiful Malafi gorge last year, I spotted an area of interest, maybe for climbing, maybe scrambling, or maybe canyoning. Wasn't really sure which, but for sure the area would provide adventurous fun. Soon after this discovery I returned with a friend and together we climbed a ridge high above the gorge. This was fun, quite loose, and had a very adventurous feel to it. We later descended via a small canyon that was mostly very straightforward.

The bigger canyon still awaited our attention and by chance I came across an article in the FEMECV mountaineering magazine that described this very canyon. It is fully equipped with bolts and ventures through some fine rock scenery.

Earlier this week, me & Kim set off to check it out. Only 25 minutes from Llosa de Camacho and with a short approach walk, this was too good to be true. Even the walk-in was fun, and in no time we arrived in the canyon, such a beautiful place. The initial abseil set up didn't make sense to us, but we made the best of what we had (a longer rope of 50m is the solution). Once beyond this section we were deep in the canyon and enjoying amazing scenery. Quite a few short abseils followed and some easy scrambling, so all in all a fun and enjoyable descent.

We had been advised that the return walk would be through dense vegetation, so had come prepared with saw, cutters, and gardening gloves. It was actually not so bad, and we have now cleared the route even more.

The longest abseil is under 20m but we would recommend combining the first 2 abseils to make about 24m, this would be far easier. So take a 50m rope.

For a short canyon this place certainly packs a punch, we'll definitely be back and hope some of you will join us too 🙂



The first abseil


Looking back into the Barranco del Pas de Calvo



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