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Mallada del Llop – Serrella range: Big & Beautiful mountains


Off the beaten track on our way to the summit of Mallada del Llop

Mallada del Llop

It's been a hectic few weeks with a good mix of work and play. Lots of climbing and mountaineering, and an increasing amount of cycling.

I've been busy working on a multi-activity guidebook for the Costa Blanca region for some time now, included in this will be some stunning mountain walks. Mallada del Llop is the last of these for us to revisit, collect photos for, and decide on the best, most fun route.

So today we donned our trail shoes and set out for the pretty village of Castell de Castells. A couple of mentions are needed for anyone visiting the area / this village. The Serrella Hotel is incredibly friendly and serves delicious food throughout the day, it is also very reasonably priced. Castell d'Ines gourmet restaurant hides in the heart of the village and may look unconventional from outside, once inside it is heaven for a foodie. There is no menu, instead expect a discussion with the chef who will then prepare an unbelievable work of art for eating. Booking is essential. Make the effort, you won't regret it.

Back to the walking!
Good tracks led us towards El Castellet then a right turn onto a drivable track saw us racing towards the summit. However, soon more interesting ground slowed us. Intricate rocky terrain and route finding decisions put our minds to work and time flew away with us as we were so absorbed with the route.

A large level area was reached at the top of Barranc de Canal and now only a short way further to the summit. Easy scree tracks took us to the plateau and a welcome breeze, for even though it is February the temperature is low 20's at 1100m!! The day began very hazy and we thought it not good for photos, but the haze actually became helpful and brought atmosphere to the shots.

Kate spent some time relaxing on the summit whilst I ran over to the neighbouring summit of El Regall. This was all on perfect running trails. Runners heaven up here.
Our return route was via the impressive Barranc de Canal. A deep cleft between high cliffs is arguably the finest feature of this route.

Much of the route is runnable, although we would recommend this best be enjoyed as a walk. Sticking to the better paths works far better for runners.

Thanks for reading.

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Mark & Kate


Crossing the top of Barranc de Canal - Mallada del Llop


Looking towards Mallada del Llop with Barranc de Canal splitting the foreground



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