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Magical Mystery Tour: Sea cliff climbing, Costa Blanca


Magical Mystery Tour

Candelabra del Sol sea cliffs

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

After a rest day yesterday for Anna & Colin, we were back in full flow today. The rest day had been important, for today we were visiting the Candelabra del Sol sea cliffs near Calpe.

This is an imposing place, not for the faint hearted and a head for heights is obligatory.

After a pleasant and scenic walk of around 20 minutes we arrive at the abseil station, now the fun begins. About 40m of free-hanging abseil takes us down to ledges above the sea. The ladders nearby were used by fisherman to access these same ledges and so they would fish for the best catch. Climbing up or down the ladders would require nerves of steel and a suicidal mentality!!

The sea was choppy today so we had the pleasure of crashing waves for the whole time, this is so calming, Being so close to such a powerful force as the sea can give a surprising sense of calm.

The initial section of the route is a traverse and is little more than scrambling, albeit in an impressive setting. But soon enough the moves become more difficult, the exposure mounts, and we're having lots of vertical fun.

Each of the 3 main pitches brings with it unique challenges, but the overwhelming factor is the sea below, reminding us the only way out is up. What a sense this is, absolute magic. And the name of the route?

Magical Mystery Tour.

A fitting name if ever there was.

The photo below shows the Puig Campana framed by a Pricky Pear. This is during the approach to the Candelabra del Sol.

The photo above shows the sea cliffs. And the top photo is of Colin & Anna on the belay after the first pitch of proper climbing.

For a detailed description of this and many more routes in the region check out our Cicerone guidebook



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