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Magical Mystery Tour, Calpe


Sunset over Benidorm

Recently i've been thinking more and more about why I go rock climbing. Why venture onto precipitous cliffs, enter into  potentially dangerous situations, and climb big (or small) lumps of rock.
We'll no doubt all have slightly different answers to this. Of late i've spent time observing others more closely to understand their climbing needs.
I've found my answer, why do I climb. Yes, it's partly for the movement over rock, the satisfaction of climbing a route and reaching the top.
But there are overhelming factors to a fantastic day out on the rock:
1) The people we are with
2) The places we explore

Grades are simply unimportant, and it's repeated plenty times that the best climber is the one having the most fun. This is so true.  

Todays route was on the Toix sea cliffs near Calpe. Magical Mystery Tour is a 5 pitch route with a max grade of 5. So the climbing is never particularly tricky, but there's so much more to this place than the climbing and I was reminded of that today. Sharing amazing experiences and places is what it's about, thank you Miguel & Mila for joining me on this today and sharing your enthusiasm for wild places.



Loving the adventure


Miguel leading pitch 4



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