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Looking after our skin – it’s important


Some of the FeGoo range we've been testing

For about a year now we’ve been helping with the development of a brand new skin repair product from a small and independent Yorkshire Dales based company, FeGoo.
And more recently, we were sent a Dry Shampoo product too, yes I know what you’re thinking, what do we need that for!
So firstly, the Dry Shampoo. I too was thinking, when can I use this? Then, during the long car journey from Cumbria to Costa Blanca, with no hotel stops en-route, I suddenly found myself thinking, okay, so where did I pack the dry shampoo.
At around 1am one morning, whilst having a roadside pit-stop, I opened the container and emptied the powder onto my hand. Well it smells good, so whatever happens next I’ll smell fresh. I applied it to my hair (which is short at the moment) not knowing what to expect, and with some rubbing around I could feel the slight greasiness quickly reducing. Now I’m thinking, is this powder going to fall all over me, or what?! No, I assume it has dissolved the grease thus reducing the greasy feeling my hair had.
This all took me, a complete novice and with no instructions, under 1 minute from start to finish. My hair felt nicer, and certainly had a great fresh smell to it now.
So would I use it again? It wouldn’t become a regular thing, but on occasion, yes. What I didn’t know until just a few days ago is this is also an insect repellent and can be used as deodorant. Ask again if I would use this product, most definitely for the latter two purposes.
Now onto the Skin Repair Balm:
As well as passing samples onto a few friends, I’ve been using this on a regular basis for about a year now. There are various other products available that will do a similar job on the skin, but this one has an advantage, it smells loads better than the others and It’s made in the UK with all organic ingredients. What’s not to like J
Working in the mountains for many days of the year, my hands and feet take a battering day after day. Whilst rock climbing our fingers rub against the rock almost continuously, whilst walking in the mountains our feet are constantly asked to perform, and on Via Ferrata routes, even with gloves, the metalwork takes a toll on our skin.
All this means we have to take extra good care of our skin and a product that works is important to us.
Regular, usually daily, applications of FeGoo Skin Repair Balm has really helped keep my skin in good shape. Whilst based over in Costa Blanca for the winter, there will be lots of sharp Limestone to play havoc with my fingers, but thanks to FeGoo I reckon all will be well.
I’ve found that applying the skin balm at night-time the most useful. Just before going to bed, thus allowing it uninterrupted time overnight to do its work, ready for another day at the crag, on the mountain, in the garden, etc
These are due to be launched in time for Christmas, could be a great stocking filler.




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