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Langdales finest offerings, a visit to Helvellyn, and something about Talisker!


Main Wall Climb, Gimmer crag

This week has been super busy and varied. The weather has mostly been kind too, which always helps.

On Wednesday we had a team day out on Gimmer crag in Langdale. This is one of my favourite crags, the climbs are simply outstanding and cover the grade range, so something for everyone. Shortly after we arrived though, the rain started, as we had quite hard routes in mind, we decided to wait a while in the hope it would clear up, it did, until the thunder started!! We packed up and started to head for home, feeling a bit unhappy about the weather and lack of climbing, but not wanting to be caught out by a storm.
Whilst walking away from the crag we noticed many climbers arriving and seemingly undeterred by the thunder. Certainly over 10, maybe 15 climbers arrived, very unusual for a midweek day on Gimmer. Anyway, we stopped a while and watched as they geared up. I realised i'd put my sunglasses back on and looking up noticed the blue sky overhead, happy days.
As it was quite a trek back to where our chosen routes were, we decided instead to climb on the Main Wall area of crag instead, this is an area of Gimmer we hadn't yet explored.
Starting with 'Main Wall Climb' a 2 star v'diff we found it to be very pleasant and typical of Gimmer climbing. I was keen for something a little more challenging so we also climbed 'Purple Edge' a 2 star VS route, managing all 49m of it in one pitch!
We would have climbed another route, but had a meeting planned in Ambleside that evening so had to dash. Thank you Gimmer for exceeding expectations yet again.

On Thursday I was out with Howard & Simone from London. Visiting for just a few days and wanting to summit Helvellyn within that time frame, they called us for route advice and to make a plan. We ascended to Red Tarn from Glenridding. Unfortunately the cloud was at the level of Red Tarn, so views were limited, but it was very atmospheric. We continued to Swirral Edge and onto the summit of Helvellyn, still in the cloud!
Our return route via Lower Man & Whiteside brought us better fortune with increasingly good views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. Overall the conditions were favourable, despite the low cloud.

Friday saw a return to rock climbing, this time with Roger from North Wales. We climbed on the Pike O'Blisco crags high above Langdale. Starting with a few routes on Long Scar, nice and easy to begin with, but soon moving onto steeper terrain. Then it was over to Black crag (only 5 mins walk away) and more fine routes up to E2.
We covered a range of skills including: gear removal, building anchors, abseiling, hoisting, all whilst climbing 7 fine routes.

On Saturday afternoon we introduced Rebecca & Matteo to Gorge Scrambling. We enjoyed amazing conditions in the gorge, with evening sun flooding down onto us and creating rainbows in the waterfalls. Swims, jumps, and climbs were enjoyed and finished off with a visit to the Sticklebarn pub for hot chocolate (not for me, I had to dash over to Wasdale for more Scafell Pike fun). This couple are quite extraordinary and I have to share their amazing feat here. Earlier in the year Matteo had competed in the Atlantic Challenge rowing race. That sounds pretty cool right. It gets ever more impressive. Not only did Matteo compete, he rowed solo for 50+ days, he won, and broke the solo record. I urge you to read more here:

Thanks all for yet another fantastic week



Gorge scrambling in Langdale


Glass Slipper - E2



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