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Lake District Canyoning – Amazing waterfall abseils in Langdale


45m of full on waterfall abseiling - Lake District Canyoning

Lake District Canyoning

Earlier this year whilst leading a guided walk I came across a Ghyll I'd not seen before. It took my breath away and I knew I would have to return with a wetsuit and get in it.
Today that's exactly what happened. Along with my good friend Anna, we donned wetsuits, had lots of rope with us and went in search of adventure......we found it!

After a mostly level and easy approach walk, we rested a while in a beautiful spot with stunning views. Then it was time to gear up and get to work setting the ropes up. The top waterfall (not pictured) being about 15m high made for a perfect introduction and got us nicely wet, adjusted for the main event that lay below!!

I'd estimated the main waterfall to be over 50m, possibly 55m so we had a 60m rope for this one. I whizzed down this absolutely loving the excitement of being in a waterfall for so long. The big pool at the bottom is deep enough to swim in but being October we didn't go for that, and an easy scramble out on either side avoids the deep water. Anna was soon cruising down too, clearly loving it, even stopping to take photos en-route.

Below this pool lies many more waterfalls, slides, and pools, all in an incredibly beautiful setting.

We will be offering canyon descents of this Ghyll from May 2019 - it's absolutely amazing and anyone who likes Ghyll scrambling / canyoning will totally love this place. Have a look here to find out more.

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Proper, full fat and added cream Lake District Canyoning


Even the approach walk is magnificent



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