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Is Pinnacle Ridge okay for kids – Depends how adventurous they are


Moving over the pinnacles of Pinnacle Ridge - Is Pinnacle Ridge okay for Kids

Is Pinnacle Ridge okay for Kids

Today has been a step out of the norm for me, and quite a special day. We are really pleased to introduce many youngsters to the great outdoors and have been doing so for about 10 years now. But today was a bit different, not so much introducing a youngster to the outdoors, but helping her progress into the world of mountaineering.

Pinnacle Ridge, St. Sunday crag is hardly a theatre to be associated with 6 year olds, but this one took it all in her stride and smiled almost constantly.

I've climbed with Jane (Hannah's mum) for some years now, so when she suggested this route for Hannah I knew all factors would have been carefully weighed up, with Hannah's enjoyment and safety at the top of the list. The arduous approach walk can be testing for fit adults, so a 6 year old was going to need some coaxing (and maybe a little bit of chocolate)!

The final slog up the steep scree slope, the section that slows most of us, was the time Hannah moved the quickest, clearly enjoying the challenge of steep, loose terrain, and coping with it extremely well.

After a breather and re-fuel at the base of the route, we sorted the ropes and gear before setting off up this impressive ridge. We moved rapidly, Hannah having no difficult on the initial sections and not much noticing the exposure or positions she was now in (but did occasionally stop to look at the view).

The crux corner just needed a few helpful words of advice from mum who was always close behind, and a snug rope from me, and soon that was behind us. The pinnacles lay in wait, Hannah seemingly more interested in the rock formations up there than noticing the rather dramatic exposure / position she was now in (thank goodness for the rope hey)! About another 50m and we were at the top of the route, one of the quickest roped ascents i've ever done.

We stayed roped up until the main footpath coming down from St.Sunday crag. Not because we needed to, but because a cold wind was blowing and we wanted to find shelter from it to warm our hands.

All the way down Hannah chatted and laughed, having fun in these wonderful mountains. Hopefully very pleased with her achievement today. So to answer 'Is Pinnacle Ridge okay for Kids?' - for this one it most certainly is and there will be other under 10's that would love a day like this. But they need to be well prepared and already used to being in the mountains and rock climbing.

I feel privileged to have been a part of this day and am very proud of Hannah, such a big achievement.
Thanks Jane & Hannah


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Hannah taking the crux corner in her stride - Is Pinnacle Ridge okay for Kids

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Descending to Patterdale with Ullswater in the distance - Is Pinnacle Ridge okay for Kids



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