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Introduction to Rock Climbing day – Alcalali


About to abseil off a climb

Today I had the pleasure of introducing Alex to rock climbing. Being a personal trainer and yoga teacher, Alex is a super fit guy, and I kept this in mind when choosing the venue and climbs for today.
Alcalali has a good spread of climbs throughout the grade range, but mostly the routes feel steep. We warmed up on some nice easy routes (still steep), this allowed Alex to get a feel for the rock and how to move efficiently over it. As confidence built, so we moved onto steeper, longer, and more difficult climbs. Alex took all of this in his stride.

Our final climb of the afternoon was a long 6a route with many challenging moves. So we had started on grade 3+ routes and already Alex was tackling a 6a, and climbed it without any rests or falls. Top effort.

We got through 7 routes today, some up to 30m in length. As well as all this climbing, we looked at:
Equipment needed for sport climbing;
Harness fitting;
Belay skills;
Placing / removing protection on a sport climb;
Crag etiquette;
and more.....

Thanks Alex for a great day at the crag, hope to see you soon.

We'll be based in the Costa Blanca region until mid-March this year. If you're heading out this way or thinking of doing so and would like to try rock climbing, or have a day of guided climbing, please get in touch and let's make a plan.

If you find yourself in the Moraira area and are looking for some yoga sessions or want to see how a personal trainer can be of benefit, check out what Alex is doing at:  



Alex climbing at Alcalali this afternoon



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