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Guided walks with The Telegraph

A few months ago I was contacted by our friends at Holbeck Ghyll Hotel asking if we were able to take Fiona Duncan from the Telegraph newspaper on a guided walk in the local vicinity.

'Yes of course we'd be delighted' was my immediate answer.

And so today was the day. The hotel had arranged a morning ride in the helicopter, so Fiona was already becoming familiar with the layout of the district. Views from the sky must have been outstanding today, so clear and calm.

How would a simple walk keep the momentum going I asked myself!!

There's a marked difference between driving, cycling, and walking through an area.
Driving is fast but you see little.
Cycling is less fast and you see a little more.
Walking is slow and you see lots.

Over many years spent in the mountains, enjoying ever more thrilling and ever slower activities i've come to realise slow & steady is the best approach for those wanting to savour the landscape and scenery to the full.

And that's what a guided walk with us is all about. Not racing around without a moment to spare, but taking the time to admire the inspiring landscapes we have all around, listen to the birdsong, watch the lambs jumping in the fields, enjoying wide open spaces.

So whilst the helicopter ride was no doubt amazing, i'm confident we matched it with our walk around the slopes of Wansfell Pike and into the Troutbeck valley.

Thanks to Andrew at Holbeck Ghyll and to Fiona & Alex for your good company today.



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