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Gorge Walking Stickle Ghyll – Crystal clear waters of Langdale


Taking a shower in Stickle Ghyll - Gorge walking Stickle Ghyll

Gorge Walking Stickle Ghyll

This summer has most definitely been the time for Gorge Scrambling, with so much amazing weather around. Even now that the weather has become more 'normal' this is still a brilliant activity that's loads of fun.

This morning we were in Stickle Ghyll with a couple from Snowdonia, showing them the delights of Langdale and in particular Stickle Ghyll. Climbing waterfalls, jumping into plunge pools, trust falls and jumps, all mixed in with plenty of chat about the Lakes and North Wales.

We've been in the gorges loads recently but not had time to write any blogs until now. September quietens down for us, a little, so likely there'll be more updates throughout the month.

Since upgrading our camera i've been hesitant to take it into the gorges, but have started doing so in the hope of capturing better images for our customers and for us. These are a couple of the shots that came out today. For more about what we offer here in the Lake District please check out our Activities Page

Thanks to Megan & Derfel - a pleasure to meet you both 🙂



Gorge Walking Stickle Ghyll



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