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Gorge Scrambling Langdale – Stickle Ghyll


Lower section of Stickle Ghyll - Gorge Scrambling Langdale

Gorge Scrambling Langdale

It's been a really busy few days here in the Lakes, helped by sunny weather no doubt. At the weekend we welcomed a family of 7 here on a short visit. All were keen to experience Ghyll Scrambling so that's how the day began.
To say this family embraced the water would be an understatement, all were swimming within a few minutes and this theme continued, with jumps and swims aplenty.

After lunch we headed to Scout crags, also in the Langdale valley and just a 10 minute walk from where we were parked up. Given the fine weather I was expecting the crag to have a few climbers on it, but no, we had the place to ourselves 🙂

Everyone managed about 4 routes, these getting progressively more difficult to add to the challenge. Eventually we were all pretty tired from so much activity. Sun was coming low in the sky and giving a gorgeous light to the valley. We called it a day and headed home, after another cracking day out in this amazing valley.

Big thanks to Jessica for organising the day with us, hope to see you all again soon.

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Big splash in one of the plunge pools - Gorge Scrambling Langdale


The lower falls of Stickle Ghyll - Gorge Scrambling Langdale


The view from Scout crags, Langdale



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