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Esk Gorge Canyoning: the best of Lakelands gorges


Airtime in the Esk

Esk Gorge Canyoning

3 trips into the Esk gorge this week has felt pretty special.

On Monday the water levels were very high, so a few tweaks were needed to keep us all safe. It is always so exciting when the river is high and whilst a few jumps may be missed as a result, the excitement and adrenaline caused by high water more than compensates.

On Friday it was round two, and after no more rain the water levels were low again. This means all the scrambling was accessible and all of the jumps. Did I mention there are a lot of jumps in here, well there are. Just don't ask how many, I loose count! The sun joined us for some of the day, making for a warm trip that everyone clearly loved.

And today was round three. With a stag group from Newcastle who were well up for some big jumps and loved the airtime. The only thing that stopped going for miles was hunger!! The lads were dreaming of a big dinner at the pub, and who can blame them. It was quite busy in there today, but as we started early we had the place mostly to ourselves.

Whilst the Esk is the biggest and the best gorge here in the Lake District. The are plenty of other brilliant venues to try gorge scrambling and some are better suited if wanting to spend just a morning or afternoon in the water. We've also been in Church Beck numerous times this week, every time it's an absolute blast as well as a pleasure to share these places with so many lovely people.

Thanks to everyone use joined us 🙂

Now to wash and dry some wetsuits!!



Canyoning in the Esk


The Esk gets a thumbs up 🙂


Even standing here the pummelling of the waterfall was immense


Making funky shapes in Lingcove Beck


Getting involved with the white water


Happy times in the Esk gorge


Simply loving Church Beck


Church Beck



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