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El Realet Ridge – Costa Blanca: A beautiful knife edge ridge



El Realet Ridge

El Realet Ridge

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks here in Costa Blanca and this had led to a lack of time to write blog posts. I have lots of catching up to do, but for now here is a write up of our adventures today.

Costa Blanca has many wonderful ridges, some of the finest are described in my guidebook - Costa Blanca Mountain Adventures - and this one is included. It has been a while since I traversed El Realet so was very happy to be back on it today. The story begins yesterday though....

Yesterday we arrived at the parking spot for El Realet and began our approach walk. Soon after, the rain started and soon this was heavy. We continued in the hope it would soon pass. Reaching the starting point of the ridge proper we spotted a couple of climbers already on the ridge and it looked like they were retreating.

The rain persisted. The climbers ahead continued their retreat and we decided to do the same.

So today we headed back for round two and today worked out much better. The sun shone, the temps were lovely, and the wind light. There was a party ahead of us but nobody else on the entire ridge. We moved easily along the initial section of ridge, using a technique known as 'moving together' which is a super efficient way of moving over exposed terrain. Soon we had caught up the team ahead and enjoyed a nice chat with this Norwegian couple.

We shared tasks at the first abseil station and this helped us all save some time and reduced the chances of any rocks being knocked down. Further narrow sections of arete followed before an abseil station brought us to the end of the technical section of ridge. Easy scrambling remains and leads to the final 2 abseils to gain the rough paths back to the road.


A cracking day out on a ridge that never disappoints. Thanks to Kim of Walk Climb Dartmoor for joining

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El Realet Ridge


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Kim taking a break on El Realet Ridge



A butterfly drops in on El Realet Ridge



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