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Duddon Valley Adventure Days – Wallowbarrow crag: The number 1 crag in the Duddon valley


Me topping out at Wallowbarrow crag - Duddon valley adventure days

Duddon Valley Adventure Days

Today the weather was kinder to us. Dry all day and with only light winds. This gave us dry rock and high enough temperatures to enjoy rock climbing again, yippee!

Being cautious, we stayed in the valley and chose Wallowbarrow crag, in the peaceful Duddon valley. Only a few minutes further to drive, but the Duddon always seems like a world away form the Central Lake District. Even on a busy bank holiday weekend, it's quiet and unhurried, blissfully so.

If looking for peaceful accommodation in the Duddon Valley check out High Wallowbarrow Farm

Kelly hadn't yet sampled the delights of the rock here in the Duddon valley, so mostly she led the best (and hardest) pitches of the day. It was rather nice to be on the other end of the rope for a change. We cruised through 4 of the crag classics. Thomas; Bryanston; Malediction Direct; and Digitation. All excellent routes on top quality rock, giving delightful climbing throughout.
As the day wore on, so the cloud dispersed and more blue sky appeared. This coincided with the sun dropping lower in the sky and giving us wonderful evening light over the Duddon valley.

If you haven't yet visited this part of the Lake District, put it on your list. It's beautiful and not to be missed. We can arrange a variety of adventurous activities in the area, see our Activities page for more

Thanks to Kelly for another fab day out.


Lead rock climbing course - Lake District

Kelly setting off on pitch 3 of Bryanston - MVS 4b

Rock climbing in the Duddon valley

The Duddon valley as seen from Wallowbarrow crag - Duddon valley adventure days



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